Carnival Haven started out as an idea for founder Amanda Byam to share her carnival experiences with her friends and followers. What was first meant to be a blog suddenly became a hub for sharing carnival and Caribbean culture with all those eager to learn and connect.


Gateway Media
Art Lab

The Gateway Media Arts Lab is home to over 20 resident and non-resident enterprises with a passion for design and innovation. Collectively their services include projection design, digital media services, film and video production, graphic and web design, photography, storytelling and content creation


Ms. London Johnson is a group fitness dance instructor, who has been teaching dance fitness since 2008. She started teaching Zumba in 2009 and eventually branched off with her own dance fitness brand in 2015. London’s dance class is very diverse and features music from South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. 

Maryland State Arts Council

Founded in 1967, The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) is an agency of the State of Maryland’s Department of Commerce that plays an essential role, ensuring every person has access to the transformative power of the arts. MSAC advances the arts in our state by providing leadership that champions creative expression, diverse programming, equitable access, lifelong learning, and the arts as a celebrated contributor to the quality of life for all the people of Maryland.

360 TV

The Media Room 360’s goal is to provide a platform for individuals and businesses to enrich, empower

The Bakers

Quaint and modernistic yet a simple space to indulge in pastries with loved ones. we offer comfortable seating inside our bakery with free wifi and plenty of outlets!

Miami Broward One Carnival

The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is a non:profit organization dedicated to bringing a safe, family festival in South Florida and outlying areas, fostering community pride and civic involvement, and providing critical opportunities to the Caribbean people in South Florida to share the Caribbean culture, promote cultural exchange and build economic cooperation in the multi-ethnic and multicultural environment of South Florida

Island Fete

Island Fete Fitness 15 a collaborative group of dancers and dance-fitness instructors and professionals whose goal is to provide a unique fitness experience that leads to results. Our personable approach to dance and fitness gives our “fitness family” inspiration and motivation to continue their fitness goals.


Elba (SL) Ltd is an investment company in Sierra Leone, with interests in JobSearch, a 14 year old Human Resources firm and in the agriculture, technical & vocational education, financial services, security and tourism sectors. Elba’s initiatives, Business Connect and Better Business were created to help prepare ME’s for investment and better service delivery.

By Naya

Designs by NaYa is a subsidiary company of Accessories by NaYa. NaYa is a combination of all my childrens names (NAddi, MeliNA and MeliYA). This is essentially a family business – their legacy. At Designs by NaYa we hand create all our products which range from Mugs to wall/door hangers.


Frankie P and the Spoiled Brattz are a part of the Team Soca Family.


Hey African! builds Culture around Identity that is contemporary, collective, and creative, through.products and curated experiences that spark conversations about identity, history, lifestyle, and community.


AFROFUSIONTV is a new show that is your one-stop gateway to the African Diaspora. It’s an exciting combination of contemporary music, art, fashion, and culture from an African Diaspora perspective.

Madd Yute Clothing

Madd Yute Clothing is a international brand of apparel celebrating the Caribbean culture.

Natures Edible Creation

Nature’s Edible Creations Bringing you healthy meals for a healthy life!

Experience Africa is more than just a celebration of Africans – it aims to be a flagship diaspora event that brings together people from the African diaspora and the Caribbean through shared culture, food, business relations, and a love for our continent. By doing so, we can create a strong community that harnesses the power of collaboration to attract investments, drive cultural exchange, and champion the cause of Africans and Caribbeans worldwide.

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